Follow a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins


Eric lost 28 pounds in just over three weeks... 25 days! Mike lost 22 pounds in 28 days. Put your best self forward and you can be a super loser too! Just strip away the excuses and get back to your best self.


The biggest difference in losing weight and success is attitude, desire, discipline, and determination. We would all be “A” students if we put forth all the effort required to be the best in the class. So right now, schedule out your weight loss goals on a calendar. If you are going to give a “B” effort, figure on about 12-15 pounds for the month. If you are going to give an “A” effort and go above and beyond expectations with your clean eating plan and cardio walking program, then plan on about 18-25 pounds in a month. 



Whether you have 10 pounds to lose or 100, you have to learn how to stave off hunger. Most people eat mindlessly, not aware of their consumption. At the end of the day, can you remember what you have eaten? Can you remember what you ate yesterday? From my experiences, when I ask people what they ate, they can remember the “junk” foods or bad stuff they ate, but not the good. In order to succeed you have to recognize your successes and have to give yourself some credit for making good choices too.


Here it is straight: STARVE OFF HUNGER 101:

Eat at regular intervals.

Opt for 3 meals totaling approximately 300-400 calories & 2 smaller meals/snacks not more than 200 calories every day. That’s a range of 1200-1600 calories.


 To lose weight you have to increase your metabolic, fat burning machine--AND it needs fuel. The less you eat, the less your body works for you in the weight loss war.    When you eat your body runs more efficiently in breaking down food

a simple plan...........





  • 80-100 grams of protein daily

  • 35 grams of fiber

  • 9-11 servings of fruits and vegetables

  • Eat 3-5 times a day

  • Drink Water - 6x a day


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